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"Order Thai food delivery", 3 famous restaurants

“Order Thai food delivery”, 3 famous restaurants

Traditional Thai food has always been popular in our country. Because we Thai people still love the spicy, sour, salty, sweet, complete and mellow taste that we are familiar with. Moreover, Thai food is still very popular from the world. To this day, Thai restaurants still allow us

"Wonton Soup" with Shiitake Vegetarian

“Wonton Soup” with Shiitake Vegetarian

Be satisfied, full of merit, receive the morning sun Vegetarian Wonton Dishes with Seasoned Shiitake Mushrooms Along with the recipe of sweet and fragrant vegetable soup, inviting to taste, easy to make, delicious, big words Vegetarians are probably bored with the Vegetarian Noodles. Try to change the style to eat

7 Thai food against "Covid-19"

7 Thai food against “Covid-19”

From the example of Thai herbs, vegetables and fruits mentioned above. Most often they are an ingredient in a variety of “Thai food” menus. Those herbs help to strengthen the immune system to keep the body away from the virus. The recommended menus are as follows:  Miang Kham Thai food like “Miang Kham” has the

Takoyaki (Japanese confectionery)

Takoyaki (Japanese confectionery)

Japanese snacks such as Takoyaki are a favorite of children. Because both the crispy on the outside and soft on the inside of the dough and there are various fillings to choose But these fillings can only be found in ufabet Thailand. If you go to Japan or

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza)

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza)

This menu is probably a menu that many people like because besides being crispy and delicious, it also has a lot of benefits from vegetables. The word “okonomi (お好み)” means liking or what you like. When combined with the word yaki, it means frying your favorite food, sure

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Tonkatsu Donburi, Japanese Food, cook at home

“ Donburi (丼)” means a cup with rice. It is a menu of rice topped with various dishes in Japan. The mood is similar to rice, basil or rice with chili in our country. But the donburi has a light, salty, sweet taste, and has a pleasant aroma because it has to

Sushi, Japanese food, cook at home

Sushi, Japanese food, cook at home

When it comes to Japanese food, we will have to start with a popular menu like sushi. Sushi is a Japanese food that is famous all over the world and is the national dish of Japan. The word “sushi (寿司)” in Japanese means rice ball with a face. In