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When it comes to Japanese food, we will have to start with a popular menu like sushi. Sushi is a Japanese food that is famous all over the world and is the national dish of Japan. The word “sushi (寿司)” in Japanese means rice ball with a face. In the past, Japanese people used to make rice and fermented fish or vinegar to eat when traveling long distances. Later, there was a change from fermented fish to fresh fish, including various appearance and molding methods until it became popular until today. But today we don’t have to fly far to Japan because just going to the market, there are sushi for you to buy (just kidding). Let me tell you that besides being delicious. The process of making sushi is also fun and can be done by the whole family.

Sushi ingredients

  • Japanese rice
  • fresh salmon
  • fresh shrimp
  • large sheet of seaweed
  • Sushi Rice Seasoning
  • plain water
  • wasabi

How to make sushi

The first step is to cook the rice first. We will wash Japanese rice several times until the water is clear. While washing, keep stirring with your hands until you are sure that the rice is clean. Pour the rice into the rice cooker and add the same amount of water. Then press the button to turn on the rice cooker. Wait until the power cuts and the rice is cook. When cooking, it is recommend to take a timer. Because when the power is cut off.

We will take the time to rest the rice as much as the cooking time. It helps the rice to be soft and not hard. When the rice is complete, scoop it out and spread it in a large container. Use a ladle to stir the rice to spread it all around. Then add rice seasoning water to about ⅓ of rice. Use a ladle to mix. Mix well to make the rice and the seasoning water mix well. As the rice exothermics, it absorbs all the seasoning water. Keep stirring until the rice is hot and you can handle it.

Next will be the sushi section. We will take fresh salmon and cut it into pieces of the desired size. As for the shrimp, the head was cut off. Put the meatballs on a wooden skewer to straighten the shrimp and bring to a boil until cooked as desired. Scoop up, knock out cold water and pull out the stick. peel except tail Use a knife to cut along the length of the shrimp belly and open it out. Be careful not to lose the shrimp. Remove the black line and set aside.

Later, we will start making sushi. Start by finding a small cup and putting a little water in it. Mix in the rice seasoning water. Then turn to cut the seaweed into thick strips as needed and set aside. Then put your hand in the prepared water all over. Pick up the rice and shape it into squares of the desired size. Wrap the seaweed around the rice ball and use the water to hold the seaweed together. Then scoop a little wasabi onto the face. Place the salmon or shrimp in it.