7 Thai food against “Covid-19”

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From the example of Thai herbs, vegetables and fruits mentioned above. Most often they are an ingredient in a variety of “Thai food” menus. Those herbs help to strengthen the immune system to keep the body away from the virus. The recommended menus are as follows: 

Miang Kham

Thai food like “Miang Kham” has the main ingredients. Lemon slices with peel and fresh shallots, both of which are herbs that contain hesperidin, rutin and vitamin C, helping to prevent viruses from entering the body’s cells. Reduce the chance of infection in various organs.

Stir Fried Basil

Thai food. This dish has the main ingredient “Basil leaves”, which is another herb that is well known by Thai people. Information from the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine. It states that basil leaves contain orientin, an important substance that has the potential to prevent viruses from entering cells. Reduces the chance of cell infection Thus helping to prevent sickness from the virus.

Hot and sour soup

Menu Foods Thailand menu next to the “soup” is a major component, onion, shallot, which contain important. Quercetin has the potential to prevent the virus from entering cells. reduces the chance of infection. There are also mushrooms that contain beta-glucan. Stimulates the body’s immune system not easy to get sick And lemons put in tom yum contain vitamin C that has high antioxidant activity. Enhances the functioning of the immune system

Tom Klong

As for the Thai food menu , another dish that has an equally savory taste is “Tom Klong” (including Kaeng Lieng menu and various types of salads) which contains herbs such as onions, shallots, various types of mushrooms and lime, which contain important substances such as substances. Kercetin, beta-glucan and vitamin C that help boost the body’s immune system. not easy to get sick have high antioxidant activity. Helps to promote the functioning of the immune system.

Moringa Sour Soup, Sour Soup with Mixed Vegetables

These two types of curry are both Thai dishes with herbs as an ingredient. Starting from “Gang Som Moringa”, Moringa is the main ingredient. Which contains quercetin. Which has the potential to prevent the virus from entering cells Reduce the chance of infection. The menu “Geng Som Mixed Vegetables” should use mixed vegetables of various colors. because it is rich in vitamin C and anthocyanins, which are flavonoids with high antioxidant activity enhances the functioning of cells in the immune system not easy to get sick 

Boiled Vegetable Chili Paste, Fresh Vegetables

We are familiar with Thai food, a type of dipping sauce already. For example, a menu of chili paste, boiled vegetables or fresh vegetables. May emphasize more vegetables and herbs that have medicinal properties in this menu, such as cassia flowers, gooseberry shoots, liang leaves, neem shoots, bitter gourds, squash, Chiang Dao vegetables, kale, horseradish, radishes, and colorful vegetables, which are rich in vegetables. Anthocyanin group which is a group of flavonoids with high antioxidant activity and high in vitamin C

Triphala juice, mulberry juice

For drinks or herbal water that the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine recommends is “triphala juice”, which helps strengthen the immune system. In addition, fruits and vegetables recommended above may be used in other dishes or made into beverages, for example, “Mulberry juice” contains anthocyanins, which are flavonoids. with high antioxidant activity Helps strengthen the functioning of cells Or you can choose to drink “Mulberry Tea”. In mulberry, there is kercetin. that has the potential to prevent the virus from entering cells reduces the chance of infection, etc.