How to Keep Your Glasses From Fogging While Wearing a Mask

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For anyone who wears glasses regularly, they must have encountered a problem of foggy glasses, especially during this period that we have to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The problem of fogged glasses tends to occur more often than ever. This problem does not occur only when wearing a mask. But it can also happen when men and women with glasses eat hot food, sip warm water, or while exercising.

foggy glasses caused by water vapor that has accumulated on the lens The steam comes from the heat. from our breath, hot food and our own sweat when the weather is hot Let’s meet with cool glasses lenses. Therefore, the formation of water vapor causing fog to come up And of course, when this symptom occurs, many people are often annoyed and can even cause harm to us. because we can’t see which for anyone who is having this problem Today we have a way to fix fogged glasses for you!!

3 ways to fix foggy glasses when wearing a mask

1. Wear a hygienic mask to tighten.

     The first method is to prevent water vapor from our breath from adhering to the lens. by wearing a mask to tighten and fit the face Especially around the bridge of our nose. Try to bend the wire frame on the mask to fit the bridge of your nose. Or try using tissue paper to line the arch. To allow tissue paper to absorb the steam that floats up.

2. Wash the glasses with soap.

     Mild soapy water can help reduce the adhesion of steam. Because the mixture of water and soap will act like a film coating on the lens. causing the water vapor to be unable to adhere which we can wash the glasses with soap and water thoroughly Blot dry with paper or a soft cloth. before wearing it

3. Fold the edge of the mask.

     The last method that can solve the problem of foggy glasses without any help at all is to fold the rim of the mask inward. The edge that we will fold is the wire frame at the bridge of the nose itself. by folding inward by half a cent Put on the mask as usual and press the wire frame firmly against your face. Then gradually put on the goggles over the mask. Just this will help solve the problem of fog on the glasses already.