DIY beautiful white skin scrub with coffee grounds

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Skin scrub with coffee grounds. Who wants to have clear skin You don’t have to look for collagen. or injecting white skin to risk it. Because today we have a great recipe and secrets to scrub your skin with coffee for you! Who is this coffee? and likes to brew his own coffee Do not throw away the coffee grounds skin scrub. Because this is the best helper for beautiful skin.

White skin scrub recipe with coffee grounds

equipment and ingredients

1. Coffee grounds

2. Facial oil

3. Small jars

4. Spoon

Get ready and let’s go together.

How to make coffee grounds scrub

1. Scoop the coffee grounds into a small jar.

2. Use a dropper to drop facial oil into the coffee grounds and stir well.

3. Wash your face and pat your face dry. Then apply this coffee on the face. with the exception of the eye area

4. In addition to the face, if girls want beautiful skin You can apply this coffee on your body as well.

5. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. And drop about 10 drops of facial oil and massage to restore moisture to the face.

     Just this way, you will get clear, healthy skin in just a short time.