Popular food that are trending that destroys your health more than you think

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Food is one of the four essential factors for human life. This fact everyone knows well. What’s more, everyone should know what foods are good for the body. It should be eaten in order to obtain useful nutrients. or is the main food of the 5 groups. Know what food is suitable for snacking. from time to time to be cured because it does not provide essential nutrients Including eating too much food that is not useful, it will be harmful to the body.

6 popular foods that are trending that destroys your health more than you think


If you still remember recently Our house has a current “Croissant Fever” for a period of time when croissants suddenly sold like hot cakes. Wherever you go, there are only people lining up to buy croissants. Wherever you go to the mall, you will find croissants all over the place. In social media, there are reviews and various content. about a lot of croissants until you have to buy and eat But many people are not aware that this kind of baked goods are high in calories. especially calories from fat Importantly, there is also the matter of trans fats. from the fact that some may use margarine or margarine It is a food that is high in sodium even without salty taste. It is sure to make you fat too. because there are both flour and butter.


A favorite dessert of many people, you may once have been standing in line for hours to buy a donut that just opened in Thailand. At that time, there was only one branch for sale. (Today, it’s just a regular donut shop.) There are also other donuts, asking if it’s delicious. I replied that it was delicious. But… the thing that comes with us without even thinking about it is It’s very high in calories compared to just that piece. because it is a snack that is fried with flour And the fried doughnuts are still rich in sugar, eggs, milk, and butter. You should probably see where the energy comes from.

That’s right, the one I mentioned earlier was just donut dough. That is fried up into empty, bare pieces, not topped with various toppings that are sweet as the main ingredient. Some chocolate, some cream, and some stuffing? Of course, eating one donut isn’t enough to fill you up. If you are full, how many pieces do you need to eat? multiply the energy The result is higher than eating a single dish to be full. However, the deliciousness is not interchangeable. must eat in moderation Eat only when you feel like it.


potato tubers It is more beneficial to the body than you think. But when talking about potatoes People rarely think about when it was in that state. Because we are more familiar with French fries in the form of crunchy snacks or french fries. This is a health-destroying villain, so it’s the way of seasoning, cooking, and toppings that go with it: deep-fried, salted, cheese-soaked (topped and over), seasoned with different seasoning powders. And ready-made frozen french fries may also contain preservatives. Eating fries from a famous restaurant Besides being delicious still get full fat and sodium as a bon.


Actually, real cheese isn’t a health villain. Out to be beneficial to the body as well. But the problem lies in the amount you eat and the type of cheese you eat. Because many people enjoy a variety of cheese topped cheese dips that come with other fast food dishes, both dipping and pouring. That type of cheese is further processed. May add salt, syrup or other flavoring agents to make it taste delicious. And because cheese is high in energy, fat, and sodium. It is not the food that the body needs that much.

Bubble Tea

At one point recently Which is a trend “anywhere in the world is pearls” is the recruitment of pearls from bubble tea to add to various dishes. Sweets are still tolerable But the cowboy stuff is starting to be unacceptable. Some of the results are edible, some are not. The original bubble tea menu is still popular now. Although the current has faded somewhat The reason why many people are addicted is because it’s sweet, fragrant, delicious, suitable for the weather in our country. Eat and feel refreshed, quench your thirst well. powdery pearls It makes me feel full (but not for long). People who are in a hurry, don’t have time to sit and eat, so they like to buy food. Just one glass to eat anywhere. Full (and fat too).

Shabu/Grilled Pork/Grill

This may not be a trend food. (Especially, grilled pork that has been eaten since time immemorial) but is a food for healing the mind, however, should not expect to use these foods to heal the mind often. tricky every week This is not okay It has the same penalty. Because this type of food is high in fat and sodium. therefore not suitable for frequent eating The fat that we get from this food. May lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease. The penalty for eating foods with too much sodium. It increases the risk of blood pressure and harms the kidneys.