Tocco Toscano, a branded bag from Singapore

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 “A beautiful bag and a woman go hand in hand” Tocco Toscano, a branded bag imported from Singapore,  responds to working woman girls in the style of simplicity, good looks, can go with every outfit. Hello ladies today, Appro. around the world will take everyone to see beautiful fashion items, bags imported from Singapore. But do not have to fly far to Singapore. Because they have a shop for us to shop in Thailand 

Tocco Toscano is a bag brand imported from Singapore

 Led by Mr. James and son Joseph Lor., who have over 30 years of leather goods manufacturing experience. As the brand name Tocco Toscano means “Touch of Tuscany” which conveys the beauty. of art come out Through bags with elegant design, but simple, stylish, practical. Say that girls should have it with clothes. to enhance the look for yourself In addition to being beautiful and good looking, it can also wear a lot of things. 

This one is the one that I like the most after I have been secretly browsing the website. We can’t wait to order the Aimee Mini Nylon Tote  from the Tocco Toscano Thai website.Come on. Reward yourself with a great bag. You will definitely be tired. Delivered to the doorstep, suitable for girls who like to shop online the most. Plus, now there is a special promotion for new customers. Register for a 10% discount. You have to hurry to order.