6 benefits of saline & how to use brine properly

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Saline is a commonly used aqueous solution for first aid both in and out of hospitals. Many people may have heard that ” saline is used to wash the wound “, but in fact. saline also has many benefits. But it does not have any disinfectant effect!

The saline that we use and are commonly called will have a concentration of 0.9%, that is, 100 ml of solution contains 0.9 g of sodium chloride (NaCl) in the medical language that will call saline. Which the source of this concentration is from the same concentration of human body fluids. Not from the simple mixing of water with salt, and in the production process must go through the process of sterilization (Sterile) and fever (Pyrogen) with high heat.

In addition to the normal saline solution ( NSS ) we are talking about in this article. There are also other types of brine, but we will not talk about them in this article. Each type of brine has a different composition of mineral salts in different proportions depending on the usage. And most of the doctors will use it with patients to correct various dehydration conditions, including 5% Dextrose in Water (5% D/W), 5% Dextrose in Normal Saline Solution (5% D/NSS), 5% Dextrose. in 1/3 NSS.

Benefits of Sterile Saline

saline nasal wash 

(available in both children and adults) to wash away mucus bacteria and substances that cause allergies Reduce nasal congestion, nasal congestion, runny nose Make the nasal cavity clear and clean. breathing more easily Also, rinsing your nose with saline helps.

Saline nasal drops

to reduce the thick consistency of mucus Helps add moisture to the nasal mucosa. Relieves nasal congestion in babies and young children with cold symptoms. have a respiratory infection or nasopharyngitis it to clean the face. which is used in the following cases

Has properties to help add moisture to the skin. Use to wipe after washing your face. Moisturized skin will help the cream penetrate better.

Use to clean the acne area after acne treatment or after pressing acne. Both inflammatory acne and clogged acne (But no disinfectant) without causing irritation or burning on the face.

Saline eye wash 

Relieves irritation from dust or foreign objects, and also improves dry and itchy eyes. The way to wash your eyes is to tilt your head back. Then put a drop of it in the eye in the same way that we use eye drops. Or maybe put the salt water in a clean cup until it’s full. Open your eyes and then lower your eyes to touch the saline solution to allow the dirt to escape.

Gargle with salt water in your mouth and throat

For cleanliness and oral hygiene, resulting in. Helps reduce the accumulation of germs in the mouth, promotes the healing of wounds in the mouth, such as ulcers, tooth extraction wounds, surgical wounds (use a mouthwash to treat mouth ulcers, use 3 times a day for 2 minutes each time by while gargling the mouth and throat with salt water, look up slightly).

Saline to wash wounds 

Such as general wounds, open wounds, burns, pressure sores, surgical wounds, wounds from body piercings. without causing any burning sensation or irritation Because saline is an isotonic solution that is balanced with water in the body’s cells. therefore suitable for cleaning wounds.