5 Thai brand bags, hits

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Bags from Thai brands are not allergic to any nation in the world, everyone! Today we will take you to look at 5 Thai brands bagsThat can be called the most popular until you have to own it anyway. And it’s not just popular in Thailand only. Some brands are still world-famous. There are many famous celebrities who use it. Plus the price is cute They range from thousands to tens of thousands. Importantly, the design is still beautiful. Has a unique identity like no other The shoulder is very good!  


     The signature bag that the girls know well from the BOYY brand is considered the most popular item both in Thailand and abroad that has it all. This brand is used by celebrities and fashion influencers a lot. The designer who owns the brand is actually Thai! Tell me that it’s very bang Bang in the kind that even Jennifer Lopez has it! Girls like us must have some. The most popular model would probably be the Bobby 23, priced at 37,525 baht.

2. Chato Studio

     The brand Chato Studio is one of the most famous and popular Thai brands as well. Young coffee lovers must know each other very well. The bags of Chato Studio are also very chic. outstanding design and is unique It can be said that there are many models, many styles. As for the model that is very popular and is considered a signature of the brand, it would be the Sicily Basket Bag! The price will be at 6,990 baht.

3. Aristotle

     When did you see this floral detailing bag? Many people will be familiar with each other as well. There is only one brand that has a unique design bag. That’s the Aristotle brand! This brand is considered a very popular Thai brand, not losing any other brands at all. And it has been popular for a long time. Which recently, this brand has just released a new bag designed with the mother’s coffee line like Chompoo Araya in the model named Abbi Bag. Celebrities in Thailand use it a lot. So far it has been Sold Out already. As for the price, it’s not so powerful that you step on ten thousand like I thought. The price will be at 7,550 baht!

4. Pipatchara

     Speaking of bags that are very popular and hot during this time, it is a stylish weave design bag from Pipatchara brand! This brand is considered another brand from a talented young Thai designer. The bag is very unique and outstanding. And of course, that this brand is hot, that is because the brand has designed a new bag in the model name Amu Bag Fringes and has X with the Haus Of Abbi of Chompoo Araya, so there is no doubt why this model. To hit and sell very well like this! Celebrities use it a lot. Who wants to have some, hurry up. Because it will be Sold Out first. The price will be at 12,500 baht. 

5. A Treasure Box

     Coming to the favorite teenage Thai brand that is the most popular in the social world, it would be a bag from the brand A Treasure Box. This brand is another very successful Thai brand. The brand’s bag has become a favorite bag of many girls for a long time. I must say that this brand is used by net idols a lot. The design is outstanding and unique. Carry it and see that it is definitely a bag of A Treasure Box. Most importantly, the price is also very friendly. For example, the hit model, Layer Treasure Box, priced at only 2,650 baht. It is another brand of bags that are not expensive. But the bridge looks very expensive!