How many “eggs” should I eat a day?

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Eggs are an easily available, inexpensive, and healthy source of quality protein. But many people are concerned that eating eggs every day will negatively affect the amount of cholesterol in eggs. Here are some tips for eating eggs from a Japanese caterer. And how to make onsen egg using a microwave?

How many eggs can we eat per day?

Eggs are rich in protein and many nutrients except vitamin C and dietary fiber. One egg contains about 185-200 milligrams of cholesterol. Which is relatively high compared to the amount of cholesterol your body should take in no more than a day. 300 milligrams.

However, cholesterol intake has no effect on the cholesterol measured because 80% of the cholesterol in the body is made by the liver. If eating a diet low in cholesterol The liver will produce more cholesterol that is needed by the body. But if you eat a lot of cholesterol, the body will produce less cholesterol.

Cholesterol is essential to the body because people use it to build cell membranes, bile, vitamin D, and the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. (Testosterone), etc. For people with normal healthy bodies. Cholesterol from egg does not affect blood cholesterol levels and risk of developing heart disease in the other hand. Eating foods that are high in saturated fat from beef or pork, animal fats, liver, fish egg, chicken skin, palm oil and buttermilk, etc. will result in the body creating bad cholesterol or LDH to accumulate in the blood. until sticking to the walls of blood vessels and can result in coronary heart disease

Eggs are low in saturated fat, about 1.6 grams per egg, so healthy people who want to supplement their protein intake can eat up to two egg a day. In high blood, it is recommended to choose to eat one egg per day, but if you eat foods that are high in saturated fat, then you should avoid eating egg again. There are also cooking methods that do not use oil, such as boiled eggs, poached egg and steamed egg, and eaten with vegetables. Fruits and fruits rich in dietary fiber It will help reduce the intake of saturated fat into the body as well. However, for those who have health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, should consult a doctor first.

How to Make Onsen Eggs by Soaking in Hot Water

This method takes about 13-15 minutes to make onsen eggs, which are as follows:

Valle raw materials

  • 3 M-sized eggs
  • 1,400 ml of boiling water
  • 90 ml of plain water
  • Thick stainless steel pot with a medium-sized lid, about 17-20 cm in diameter.