Giving away a recipe for gourd, crab, fish, a great recipe to help make a profit in 2022 with ufabet

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If you know some lucky dice games like dice games, you must know. How to play gourd, crabs, fish Certainly already. Because both games have very similar gameplay. The only difference is the symbols used. is a dice to be used as a number. But gourds, crabs, fish are used as pictures instead of crabs, fish, gourd and tigers, etc. In addition, there is also a principle for observing gourd, crabs, fish as well as a money-making opportunity that you should not miss And in this article, the author of ufabet will introduce how to bet on gourds, crabs, fish online for newbies. along with how to bet to get money How will it be? Let’s follow.

Introducing the recipe for gourds, crabs, fish UFABET

Betting on gourds, crabs, fish online, ufabet can bet in many ways. especially the high handicap models. If you try to choose well It has the right to make a beautiful profit. Techniques for playing gourds, crabs, fish. What high handicap bets do you have to choose from?

  • Double-color favorite bets are bets that two dice will come out of the same color. The payout rate will come up to 1:3, such as bet red, favorite color, double 10. If two out of three reds are issue. any animal figure We will get 40 total capital.
  • Tang Tong, color does not specify a color Roll the dice by any symbol. But all three balls must be the same color. Has a payout rate of 1:7, for example, bet on a golden color 10, if all three dice come out of the same color, we will get 80 money in total.
  • Tang Tong, a specific color betting on specific colors We bet that the Tao will come out of any of the three colors. The payout rate is increase from Tongsi, not specific, up to 1:20, such as cheating gourds, crabs, fish, stabbing red tongs 10, if the dao comes out all three red, we will get 200 money, excluding capital, even if the rate is high. This means that the likelihood is not very high.
  • Bet on specific symbols This kind of stabbing has a dice chance as the hardest bet. That is, there must be three identical exit symbols. The payout rate is up to 1:150 if we really hit the target with one baht. The amount received will be as high as 150 baht ever.
  • Bet Tong without specific symbols Tong Tong is not specific, the symbol is to bet that the Tao will come out with all three images that are the same. in any image The payout rate is still as high as 1:24, for example, we bet Tong, not specifying the symbol 10, if the dice out all three crabs, we will immediately get 240 baht.
  • bet total Total bets are bets on the sum of the points. which is a bit more difficult to stab Because the dice have to come out and add points as we bet to get money Each point has a different pay rate.