What is the “Carnivore Diet” way to lose weight?

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There are many types of weight loss theories to choose from, try to follow along. Either reducing the low-carb diet, IF diet, or even losing weight by choosing a fat-based diet like the Ketogenic Diet is a weight loss theory that many People choose to follow. But the theory of weight loss is not over yet. because now there is a new weight loss Which is called  Carnivore Diet or CD with it.

What is the Carnivore Diet?

Carnivore Diet is about losing weight by eating meat only. Completely cut off starch and sugar. including cutting vegetables, fruits and various seasonings Only salt is allowed in cooking. In addition, the Carnivore Diet weight loss is also known as the more advanced of the Ketogenic Diet, which for anyone who is interested in losing weight in the Carnivore Diet, you can read the details below.

How is the Carnivore Diet different from the Ketogenic Diet? 

If you say that the Carnivore Diet is more advanced than the Ketogenic Diet, it is probably because the Carnivore Diet is similar in principle to the Ketogenic Diet, but is more limited in type of food, while the Ketogenic Diet allows us to eat some vegetables and some beans. But the it does not allow us to eat plant-based food in any form. Margarine, vinegar, and even milk are not allowed. Especially cow’s milk, although it comes from animals, but it has sugar in it. Therefore, it is not allowed to eat.

Foods that the Carnivore Diet can and cannot eat

  • Foods allowed to eat:

     Meat (beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish), offal, eggs, lard, salt, bone broth Animal oils such as lard, chicken oil, butter

  • Food that cannot be eaten:

     All vegetables, all fruits, tubers such as potatoes, taro, nuts and seeds, bread, pasta, all grains and rice. Sugar, including stevia sugar, fruit juices

  • Drinks that are allowed to drink:

     Water, mineral water, soda 

Carnivore Diet Eat when hungry.

Carnivore Diet does not limit us to eat 3 meals a day like general principles. The opposite is to allow the practitioner to choose food only when he or she is hungry. This means that if we are not hungry, we don’t need to eat. In which in some people who choose to lose weight like this, they may eat only 1 meal a day, when it is like this, counting calories or calculating calories is not necessary for people who lose weight. Carnivore Diet as well.

However, this type of restrictive diet It may not be suitable for long-term weight loss. Because it may be at risk of some malnutrition. including very strict dietary restrictions May affect daily life.