Are you suffering from FOPO

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FOPO, Have you ever had a day Or many times we just care about other people’s thoughts. until I dare not do anything I’m afraid that people here and there will think like this, afraid that that person will think of us like that, back and forth, we don’t dare to do anything. Many opportunities were wasted for fear of what others would think. This condition is known as FOPO.

What is FOPO?

FOPO stands for Fear of Other People’s Opinion.

This symptom refers to people who are overly concerned with the thoughts and feelings of others. Of course, it’s nice to think about other people. But if we think too much about other people, it will definitely affect us. And worst of all, it affects our mental health , perhaps causing us to lose ourselves. Because we do not dare to do anything according to our needs at all. 

when it’s more We will start to lose sight of our own worth and will begin to use the ideas of others as a measure of success. And our identity and self will gradually disappear little by little. In the end, we may become people who are afraid of everything. fear of rejection fear of challenges afraid to do something new and often agree to stay in the same place 

But one thing I want to understand is that FOPOs can happen. It is the nature of our human social animal. that we care and worry about coexistence in society which the need for acceptance and its role in society is normal.